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Pro Hair Tip: Clean Your Blow Dryer

Too many times the staff here at the salon listen to stories of hair just not turning out right when styled at home. Much of the time after a bit of investigation we discover that some of our clients could use a little help when it comes to properly maintaining your blow dryer.

We have found over time that the number one problem our clients experience when drying their hair is a clogged up hair dryer. You see this dust, hair, and grim clogging the back of this hair dryer? This causes the dryer to work harder than it is designed to, resulting in the motor working harder and overheating.

This overheating causes the air being forced from the dryer to be hotter than the unit was designed to deliver, and hotter than your hair should tolerate. Considering that these blow dryers are designed to shut off at 140 degrees, obviously precautions should be taken to protect your hair from heat damage when blowing it dry.

You should make an effort to protect your hair from damage due to overheating a blow dryer. Be sure you remove the screen from the back of your blow dryer and clear it of dust, dirt, hair, and other debris to keep your hair free from damage due to overheating.