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Get the Hair You've Always Wanted-Restorative Hair Tonic

By now many of you may have heard about Restorative Hair Tonic. We couldn't be more excited about this product and the results we have achieved with it. And we have it EXCLUSIVELY here at Alonsay!

Have the hair you’ve always wanted. Freedom from frizzy, thin, limp, and lifeless hair is only a Restorative Hair Tonic away.

Restorative Hair Tonic is a protein treatment applied to the scalp and combed through the hair. The results are stunning, full, thick, healthy hair. In fact, many of our clients report less hair drop after a receiving a Restorative Hair Tonic treatment. The Tonic also treats the scalp in a way that reduces scalp irritation and itchiness.

This is Jan after a Restorative Hair Tonic treatment.

Restorative Hair Tonic doesn’t just coat the hair but penetrates deep into the shaft of the hair for a long lasting result. Hair becomes more manageable with less frizz.

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