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Love Your Skin!

"Pure Skin Butter is magic. I use it on my face daily. It’s great!" -Julie B.

Created out of necessity, Pure Skin Butter has been garnering accolades like this since its introduction in 2015. Some of you will remember that Tammy’s skin was peeling off her hands; they were always red, inflamed, and painful.

Looking at Tammy’s hands today you wouldn’t know that she ever suffered from such a condition.

Pure Skin Butter got that result when all else failed.

Beside what it’s done for Tammy, many of our clients have reported astonishing results with a wide variety of stubborn skin conditions.

Containing emu oil for deep penetration and coconut oil to nourish the skin, Pure Skin Butter will leave your skin supple and feeling fresher than ever.

It’s an Alonsay exclusive, so be sure to ask about it the next time you visit. You’ll be glad you did.