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Simple Help for Trouble Skin

Have you ever been frustrated by skin that you just can’t seem to get smooth? Maybe small bumps of dry skin pop up around a sensitive spot you have? Here at the Salon we’ve been troubled by such features for many seasons.

Still, here we sit among the smoke of fires whipped by hot winds. Drying out ever more our precious derma.

This damnable dry heat must be faced head on. The Staff here at the Salon has suffered interminable itching from this dryness. So let’s go ahead and deal with it.

Meet Sea Sponge.

Our personal experience with sea sponge has proven to be very rewarding, like smoothing small bumps from troubled skin. In fact the Staff here at the Salon suffered through many So Cal winters with the driest shins west of the Rockies. Slathering coconut oil on was helpful but wouldn’t reduce the irritation of the itch. It was only after using the sea sponge that the all of the dead skin cells that needed to be sloughed off were finally removed providing freedom from that diabolical itch. Our skin has been thanking us ever since.

You should be sure to purchase a natural sea sponge and not something that looks like a sponge but made of a synthetic material.

Don’t twist your sea sponge to wring it out. Instead simply squeeze it dry and place in a dry spot.

To care for your skins new best buddy, follow the advice of these fine folks here. And enjoy the smoother skin you’ve always wanted.