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Praise for Restorative Hair Tonic; Exclusively at Alonsay

People are really loving the results of our exclusive Restorative Hair Tonic treatment. Book your appointment today!!

"I love how my hair looks and feels after your Restorative Hair Tonic treatment. It's so much smoother and so shiny, and I've noticed that I'm losing less hair in the shower." Callie D.


  • Thicker fuller hair.

  • Brings life and body back to thin, limp hair.

  • Gives hair added volume.

  • Super shiny hair.

  • Treats dry flaky scalp.

  • Reduced hair fall.

  • Little or no time added to your salon visit.

  • Can be applied to hair before cutting.

"After getting a Restorative Hair Tonic treatment I love my hair! And so does my husband!! It feels so soft and healthy." Joanne G.

Restorative Hair Tonic is available from any of our stylists, and we're happy to share that Tova can also do your Tonic while you receive your skin treatments.